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Remodeling a house is a huge undertaking – we understand. That is why Acorn Finance works hard to give you the best rates for home improvement loans so you can focus on what matters most. Expand your home, redo the kitchen, or upgrade your bathroom today by securing a low-interest home remodel loan with Acorn Finance.

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Ready to discover the best way to finance home improvements? If so, you’re in the right spot. Below, you can find answers to frequently asked questions and loan options for all credit types. In addition, we have even provided home renovation loan options with no equity required. Financing a home remodel or home improvements can be an affordable way to make your dream of rehabbing a fixer upper a reality.

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Can you get a loan to remodel your house?

Yes, in most cases you can get a loan for a home remodel or home improvements. Financing options can include…

  • Mortgage refinance
  • Home equity line of credit
  • Home equity loan
  • Personal loan
  • Credit card
  • Save and pay cash


In our opinion, personal loans are one of the least risky and most competitive forms of financing for home improvements. Keep reading to learn more about why personal loans may be the best way to finance home improvements.

How much does the average home remodel project cost?

On average, it can cost between $18,742 to $75,395 to remodel multiple rooms in your home. Executing a home remodel may seem like an overwhelming project with a hefty price tag.

Let’s take a look at some factors that can affect the cost of a home remodel.

  • Size of room(s)
  • Potential or underlying problems
  • Cost of materials
  • Extent of remodel


Your remodel project can go much smoother using careful preparation, planning, and reliable financing. Before applying for home improvement financing you should do your best to estimate remodel costs. This can be a daunting task with multiple variations that can affect the bottom line price of the project. On the bright side, it’s completely doable and in most cases worth the investment.

What is the best way to borrow money for a home remodel?

When it comes to securing a loan to finance home improvements, a personal loan may be the best way. Home equity loans can be a popular choice but if you have no equity in your home, don’t panic, you still have options. Compared to home equity loans, personal loans can be a competitive option that typically requires no collateral. This means you don’t risk losing your home in the event of a market change or missed payment(s). So where can you secure a personal loan to remodel your home?

Acorn Finance is a reliable and top-rated company that provides personal loans for home remodel or home improvement financing. Take advantage of affordable payment options and free services while saving tons of time.

Three steps to get started with AcornFinance:

  • #1. Complete and submit a short loan application online
  • #2. Receive multiple pre-qualified offers
  • #3. Get connected with lenders to obtain your pre-qualified loan


How much can I borrow to remodel my home?

The type of loan you choose typically affects how much you can borrow. If you’re using a home equity loan most lenders will generally allow you to borrow up to 75-90 percent of your available equity. Most personal loans offered through Acorn Finance allow you to borrow between $1,500 to $100,000. Acorn Finance partners with lenders for all credit types.

Benefits of remodeling your home

Remodeling your home can be a challenging yet very rewarding process.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of remodeling your home.

  • Design the home you desire
  • Sense of accomplishment
  • Innovate energy-saving options
  • Increase home value
  • Potential tax advantages
  • Create a more functional home


5 Types of remodeling home loans

Below, we have compared five loan options for home improvements. While remodeling your home can have a huge upside you should consider the fees and interest associated with a loan. Saving up and paying cash can be one of the cheapest ways to pay for a home remodel.

Let’s take a look at 5 types of remodeling home loans.

#1. Mortgage refinance

If you’re considering refinancing your mortgage you should have financed your home a few years back and the interest rate should be higher than current market rates. Keep in mind, that refinancing your mortgage means you will be using your home as collateral and fees may be higher than comparable options.

#2. Home equity line of credit (HELOC)

Similar to refinancing your mortgage, using a HELOC loan requires you to borrow against the value of your home. Most HELOC loans are secured as an additional line of credit that is usually up to 80% of your home’s value, minus the amount of your home loan.

#3. Home equity loan

Similar to mortgage refinance and HELOC loans, home equity loans require you to borrow against your home’s equity. Using a home equity loan means you get a lump sum of money rather than a line of credit.

#4. Personal loan

Personal loans may be the best option for financing home improvements. Personal loans offered through AcornFinance.com have a quick application and approval process. You will receive multiple personalized competitive offers within minutes. In addition, you can receive funds as soon as 24-hours.

#5. Credit card

Using a credit card may be convenient, but typically the convenience comes with a cost. Compared to other options credit cards may have significantly higher interest and lower borrowing limits.

Can I get a remodel loan for a new house?

In most cases you can secure a remodel loan for a new house. Most likely you will have little to no equity in a new house so you should look into a personal loan.


In conclusion, personal loans may be the best way to finance home improvements or a home remodel. They can provide an affordable solution to obtain the funds you need without using your home as collateral. In addition, personal loans have competitive interest rates and can be secured online.

Acorn Finance is a leading provider for home improvement financing. On approved loans, you can borrow up to $100,000 and take as long as 12 years to pay it back. Acorn Finance partners with reliable lenders and allows you to receive multiple personalized competitive offers online using just one application. In addition, your credit score will not be affected during the application process.

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