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Are you in the market to build a manufactured home, or thinking about renovating an old manufactured house but need financing? Or maybe you’re a contractor with a customer that wants a manufactured home but needs to secure a loan. No matter what your reason is, let Acorn Finance help you secure a manufactured home loan or financing solution today with zero hassle. Secure financing for a brand new manufactured home for up to $100,000, even with bad or average credit. You will also get some of the lowest rates around when financing your manufactured home through Acorn.

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Need financing to purchase a manufactured home? If your answer is yes, you are in the right spot. We have created this blog to help educate you on the best manufactured home financing options available. You should note that manufactured homes and modular homes are different. Modular homes and on-site homes are required to be constructed the same way. While manufactured homes are constructed on a chassis. In most cases, modular homes hold their value better, making them a better investment. In addition, it can be easier to secure a conventional mortgage on a modular home. If you are trying to finance a manufactured home you should consider using a personal loan or manufactured home loan. Keep reading to learn more about securing financing for your manufactured home.

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Do banks offer loans on manufactured homes?

Some banks may offer loans for manufactured homes. If you own the land that you wish to place your manufactured home on you may qualify for a traditional FHA loan. However, the FHA does not loan directly to borrowers trying to finance manufactured homes. If you can use and want to use an FHA loan you will need to go through an approved lender. FHA loans can be issued by banks, credit unions, and online lenders. If you do not qualify for an FHA loan you may qualify for a personal loan or a manufactured home loan.

Is it hard to get a loan for a manufactured home?

Securing a loan for a manufactured home is pretty simple as long as you qualify. If you are trying to secure a manufactured home loan you will most likely need at least 5% down and good credit. Some lenders may also have criteria that require the home to be new or fairly new in order to qualify. If you do not have money down and or your credit is not the best you may want to apply for a personal loan. Personal loans can be much easier to qualify for compared to manufactured home loans.

Who will finance a mobile home?

Most banks, credit unions, and online lenders offer loans for manufactured and mobile homes. While banks and credit unions can have lower rates, their loans can be harder to qualify for. Online lenders usually have more relaxed requirements making them easier to qualify for. In addition, you can complete the entire process from the comfort of your own home with most online lenders.

Can you get a 30-year loan on a manufactured home?

In most cases, 20-years is the maximum loan term available for manufactured home loans. If you are using a personal loan most lenders offer a maximum loan term of 12-years. Manufactured home loans can also be called Title 1 loans. Title 1 loans can be used to purchase a manufactured home and a lot. If you are purchasing a manufactured home and the lot in combination the maximum loan amount is typically $93,000. If you are just purchasing just the lot the maximum loan amount is typically $23,000. In areas that are classified as high cost, maximum loan amounts can be increased.

What credit score do you need to buy a manufactured home?

Most lenders require a minimum credit score of 620 and at least 3% to 5% down to qualify for manufactured home loans. Most lenders offer fixed and adjustable interest rate loans. If you have a choice, we recommend going with a fixed interest rate loan. This means your interest rate and minimum payment should not change throughout the loan term.

Can you buy a manufactured home with no money down?

If you do not have money down you should look into using a personal loan to purchase a manufactured home. In most cases, personal loans do not require any money down. Most personal loans are offered with a $100,000 maximum loan amount and a 12-year repayment term. Interest rates can start as low as 4.99%. Acorn Finance is a secure online platform that can connect you to hundreds of lenders in seconds. If you decide to apply online using Acorn Finance, your credit will not be affected using their initial application. Once you submit the application you should receive multiple personalized personal loan offers within seconds. Qualifying for a Title 1 or manufactured home loan can be nearly impossible without money down.

What is the current interest rate on manufactured homes?

Most manufactured home loans are currently starting between 5% – 7%. The term, loan amount, and your credit score and history can impact the rate you qualify for. Rates for manufactured or mobile homes are typically higher than traditional home loans. There can be more risk for the lender since the home is technically moveable. Chattel mortgages are a common type of manufactured home loan. Chattel loans can be used for items of movable personal property. They ensure that the lienholder holds an interest in the item. Most Chattel loans have terms between 15-20 years and rates starting at 7.75%. Personal loans may have slightly shorter terms but their rates can start as low as 4.99%.

Closing Thoughts

In conclusion, you have options when it comes to financing a manufactured home. If you have money down and good to excellent credit you should qualify for a manufactured home loan. If you do not have money down and or do not have good credit you should try to apply for a personal loan. Personal loans can be used for just about anything you would like to use them for and can be easy to qualify for.

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