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Learn More About Horse Barn Financing

Ready to add new storage or stables to your property? Building a new barn takes a lot of planning, and plenty of financing. From permits to materials to labor costs — not everyone has enough cash on hand to pay out of pocket. You’re not alone. Thankfully, there are multiple options for horse barn financing. You can apply for home refinancing, use a credit card, or explore barn loan financing. Let’s dive in.

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How Much Does It Cost to Build a Horse Barn?

Before you decide upon the right barn financing plan, you need to know how much your new barn is going to run you. Particularly if you will be supplementing your financing with cold hard cash. The answer, unfortunately, isn’t simple. The cost of your new barn will depend on factors like it’s size, construction materials, and whether it has stables.

Barn Size

You guessed it, a bigger barn costs more than a smaller one. To give you a point of reference, a 1,200 square foot barn that can house livestock and equipment will probably cost around $45,000 to build. If you want to add plumbing and electrical, you can tack on another $10,000 or so.

Construction Materials

Building a barn with lumber is the most expensive option. You’re looking at about $45/square foot or more for this type of construction. If you want to cut the cost of barn construction significantly and immediately, consider prefab options from one of the many horse barn manufacturers. These modular horse barns can also be made from wood, but they are also constructed from other materials, like metal. Most importantly, the parts come largely pre-assembled (or prefabricated, hence prefab). Modular barns not only start at half of the cost of a wood barn, but many are designed to be more fire retardant and insect repellent.


If you want your barn to house horses and other animals, the number of stalls will inform the cost of your project. Not only will adding stalls increase the overall square footage of the barn, but it requires additional materials and planning. The difference between a 2-stall barn and a 12-stall barn could be $10,000 or more.

Can You Finance a Horse Barn?

Yes. Once you have a price range in mind, determining how to how to finance a horse barn is the next step. Much like a home, there are specific loans designed for barn structures. However, you may also be able to tap into your home loan if the barn will be built on a property you also use as your primary residence.

What are the Different Types of Financing for Horse Barns?

You have a few different ways to finance a horse barn, each with their pros and cons. The right pathway forward will depend on everything from your credit score to your home equity and even your personal preferences.

Here are some of the most common ways to finance your new horse barn:

Personal Loan:

If your credit is good, you may be able to get an unsecured personal loan to use as you please. With a good interest rate, this could be an ideal, simplified form of financing for some people. You won’t have to put up your home as collateral and will have a single monthly payment. Personal loans may have a higher interest rate than loans with collateral, but if you can pay more than the minimum each month you may be in good shape.

Home Equity Loan:

If your barn is going on your personal property, you may be able to tap into your home equity and used the funds to pay for the construction. Depending on the lender, they may not even care what you use the funds for as long as you have ample equity and your mortgage (assuming you still carry one) is in good standing.

Home Improvement Loan:

Similarly, homeowners may want to explore a home improvement loan. This is a common type of financing for barns. Your barn will add value and new purpose to your property, and could qualify you for this type of loan.

Credit Cards:

This may be a last resort for most people, but it could be a decent opportunity given the right circumstances. If you can pay for most of your project with cash, and have a 0% offer available from a credit card, you might consider financing part of your project with plastic and paying it off before higher interest rates kick in. Just keep in mind that when they do kick in, they’ll typically be much higher than other types of financing.


If you’re in the market for barn financing, and horse barn specials, you’re in the right place. Contact one of our lenders today to see if you qualify for their financing options and get the ball rolling on your new horse barn as soon as possible.

Acorn Finance is a leading provider for horse barn financing & loans. On approved loans, you can borrow up to $100,000 and take as long as 12 years to pay it back. Acorn Finance partners with reliable lenders and allows you to receive multiple personalized competitive offers online using just one application. In addition, your credit score will not be affected during the application process.

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