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Acorn Finance puts you in control when shopping for a new barn loan – we let you compare personalized offers from lenders in our network, with no impact to your credit score. We help you check for pre-qualified offers to finance your barn in seconds with our broad network of national lending partners. You can easily sort the offers based on what’s most important to you: interest rate, payment amount, length of the loan term. Our 100% online, customer-friendly process is designed to help you find affordable payment options with lenders that can quickly offer you barn financing to build your dream barn.

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The Best Barn Financing Options

If you’ve been thinking about constructing a barn to live in, or even a horse barn, on your property, you likely have a good idea about the dimensions and placement of the structure, but what about the payment process? Depending on the size of the barn and the materials it’s made of, the costs can be considerable. Yet even if you don’t have enough money in your bank account, is it still possible to buy the barn of your dreams?
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Can You Finance a New Barn?

These days, it seems like nearly all major purchases can be financed — and barns are no exception. In most cases, you can absolutely finance a new barn — as long as you have a history of being a reliable borrower.

Barn Financing Pros & Cons

Similar to most other aspects of life, barn financing comes with a few tradeoffs. If you’re serious about barn financing, here are a few advantages and drawbacks you can expect.


Financing means you can get a barn even if you don’t currently have the money to pay for it. If you use credit cards to finance your barn, you could qualify for substantial rewards. Borrowers with good credit can usually choose among several attractive financial offers.


Paying interest means you’ll end up spending more money than your barn is worth. Depending on how you finance your barn, you could be putting your property at risk. Variable interest rates on barn loans can make budgeting your bills a challenge.

What Types of Barns Can Be Financed?

Nearly all types of barns can be financed, but depending on your lender’s specific terms and conditions, there may be some restrictions insofar as what type of barn you can get and what purposes it can be used for.

How Much Does a New Barn Normally Cost?

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that the cost of a barn can vary dramatically based on several factors including size, location, materials, etc. As a general rule of thumb, however, traditional wooden barns typically cost roughly $45 per square foot, while prefabricated barns are far less expensive, usually somewhere between $7 and $25 per square foot. Also, keep in mind that many barns require permits, and the cost of these permits can range from $50 to $3,000 (or more) depending on whether your barn is for agricultural, residential, or commercial purposes.

Is It Cheaper To Build A Barn House?

Homes can often cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, so a barn house may seem like a good option for you. A barn structure used as living quarters can require less initial investment, but does not often have all the luxuries of a traditional home. The biggest factor in costs is the material used to construct the barn, and the overall quality of those materials.

Can You Finance a Barn Repair?

If your barn ever becomes damaged by a natural disaster or other destructive force, it may require serious repair. And even if it’s not damaged by one particular incident, your barn may simply need some upkeep due to wear and tear over time. In either case, you may qualify for a financing plan to repair your barn, depending on the cost of the project and the lenders you approach.

What Is the Average Interest Rate on a Barn Loan?

The average interest rate on a barn loan is difficult to calculate because there are many different routes to take to secure the funds you seek. If you borrow against a home-equity line of credit, for instance, you could pay as little as 5% interest. But, on the other hand, if you use a credit card to cover the cost, the interest rate could be a whopping 40% or more.

What Are the Options to Finance a New Barn?

Most individuals with an average-or-better credit score are likely to qualify for at least a few different barn financing options. Here’s a quick look at some of the most common avenues people use to secure barn loans.

Farm Credit or Farm Loans

If you own or operate a farm, this form of credit can offer more attractive terms than other payment options.

Pros & Cons

Farm credit loans can be easy to qualify for and you could get the money right away. Some lenders offer interest-only plans, allowing you more time to repay the principal amount. It’s not uncommon for farm credit loans to have high-interest rates. A farm loan is often for commercial agriculture buildings, which are larger than a normal barn building or barn home.

Personal Loans

Traditional banks and other lenders can offer personal loans for a new barn home or barn building with terms based on your individual creditworthiness. A personal loan for your barn will cover the costs of the structure and potentially any land you purchase to build it on.

Pros & Cons

If you have a high credit score, you can qualify for low-interest rates and better lending terms. Depending on whether the loan is secured or unsecured, you could risk losing your property. High-interest rates mean you could end up paying far more than your barn is worth.

Home Equity Line Of Credit

For homeowners, a home-equity line of credit (HELOC) is an attractive option because it allows you to borrow funds from your current mortgage rather than involving an outside lender.

Pros & Cons

HELOC loans are typically easier to qualify for than bank loans. Interest rates on HELOC loans are usually far lower than bank loans and credit cards. HELOC loans generally have variable interest rates, making payment amounts unpredictable.


If you’ve got enough cash in the bank to cover the cost of a pole barn structure, this payment method is likely the best way to go.

Pros & Cons

You won’t have to deal with interest payments or monthly bills. Depending on how much you have saved, you could be giving up your rainy-day fund. You won’t qualify for any of the perks that you could get by paying with a credit card.

Credit Cards

Some aspiring barn owners who don’t qualify for personal loans may turn to credit cards to finance their structures, which can be dangerous if you miss a payment or don’t read the fine print.

Pros & Cons

You’ll need a high credit score to qualify for the best terms and the lowest interest rates. You may qualify for excellent reward points or frequent-flyer miles depending on the creditor. Interest rates with credit cards can be exceptionally high and missing a payment can be costly.

Construction Loans

In order to secure a construction loan for a barn building, you will need to have properly drawn-up blueprints on hand in order to receive financing.

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