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How to Get Commercial Contractor Financing

Looking for commercial contractor financing? Keep reading to discover valuable information you have been searching for. The first step to getting commercial contractor financing is educating yourself on available options. We have created a reader-friendly guide to help you learn about commercial contractor financing options, how to get commercial contractor financing, where to get the best commercial construction loans, and so much more. Acorn Finance can make securing commercial contractor financing easy while delivering some of the most competitive loan offers from top-rated lending partners.

What is commercial contractor financing?

Commercial contractors, subcontractors, and manufacturers may need commercial contractor financing. Most commercial contractors need cash flow to fund projects before they are paid, purchase equipment, cover payroll, buy insurance, and pay overhead expenses. Commercial contractor financing can provide the funds your business needs while providing the opportunity to grow and generate more revenue. In most cases, commercial contractor loans can be used for just about any business expenses and the money can be repaid over a certain amount of time. There are a few different options when it comes to commercial contractor financing. You should learn about multiple options and decide which option or a mix of options is best for your business.

How do commercial construction loans work?

Depending on the type of commercial construction loan you choose, how they work can vary. If you go with a traditional commercial construction small business term loan you should receive the funds as a lump sum and have a set repayment schedule. In most cases, once the funds are issued, interest starts accruing. If you use a fixed loan, the interest rate and monthly payment should not change at any time during the loan term. However, if you use a variable rate loan, the rate and monthly payment can change during the loan term. Variable-rate loans may be better for short term borrowing. Fixed loans can be easier to budget since the monthly payment is known and never changes. Most lenders offer commercial construction business loans with no early payoff penalty. This means, if you can pay the loan off early you can save money on interest without being charged any additional fees. A little later on we will discuss how other commercial construction loans work.

Which bank is best for commercial loans?

While most banks offer commercial construction contractor loans, they can be hard to qualify for. Online lenders usually offer just as, if not more, competitive commercial construction loans that may be easier to qualify for. If you are looking to compare commercial loan offers we recommend applying through Acorn Finance. Acorn Finance partners with many reliable lenders that offer commercial loans. You can receive multiple personalized offers within minutes without affecting your credit score. If you are looking to finance a commercial property most major banks and credit unions should offer financing options.

What kind of loans are available for commercial property?

In most cases, companies use different loans for financing commercial property and financing commercial construction. If you are a commercial contractor working for another company or individual you may want to recommend financing options for commercial property. Whether you are a commercial contractor looking to finance property or an individual or business looking to finance commercial property there are a variety of options available including…
Traditional commercial mortgage
SBA 7(a) or 504 loan
Commercial bridge loans
Soft and hard money loans

5 Things to Know About Commercial Construction Finance

1. When should I look for commercial contractor financing?

If you are a commercial contractor without an endless supply of cash you should look for commercial contractor financing. In most cases, commercial contractor financing can help your business and provide many benefits. If you want to grow your business and take on larger jobs you should seriously consider commercial contractor financing.

2. Why choose commercial construction loans?

Most growing businesses or even well-established businesses do not have enough cash on hand to finance new construction or renovations. Even if a business does have the cash on hand it can impact cash flow to use it for commercial construction. It’s common for small and large businesses to use commercial construction loans to finance projects, expansion, or renovations. If your business can benefit from expansion or renovation you should consider a commercial construction loan.

3. How to apply for commercial contractor loans

If you are looking for a painless, safe, and fast way to apply for a commercial contractor loan you should visit Acorn Finance. Commercial contractors can apply online through Acorn Finance and receive the funding they need. Commercial contractors will start with a quick application that will not impact your credit score. Next, you will be contacted by a professional rep who can answer any questions. Lastly, you can choose the loan offer you want to use and receive funds quickly.

4. Finding the right loans for your needs

You should educate yourself on the various types of commercial contractor financing available in order to select the option that is best for you. Keep in mind, it could be a combination of multiple financing options. For example, some contractors use business credit cards and a business loan. Others may use a business line of credit and a business loan. There is no right or wrong combination of financing, it really just comes down to what helps your business the most. If you are a small or new commercial contractor you may want to start with business credit cards or a business loan. If you are a more established commercial contractor you may qualify for a business line of credit. Business lines of credit are similar to credit cards in the sense that you should only pay interest on the amount of money you borrow. Most business lines of credit should have a maximum spending limit and funds should be available whenever you need them.

5. A few lender picks from us

Acorn Finance only partners with well established and trustworthy lenders. Our list of lending partners includes…
Funding Circle
Headway Capital
Live Oak Bank
… and many more!


In conclusion, Acorn Finance can provide business loans for small and large commercial contractors. Acorn Finance partners with lending partners that can help all credit types qualify for business financing. Commercial contractors may need higher loan amounts than other businesses. Acorn Finance can provide the loan amount you need with flexible terms. Find out why commercial contractors make Acorn Finance their go-to source for business financing.

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