About Us

Acorn Finance connects your customers to better financing options to increase your closed deals. Founded in 2017 by Giri Addanki, Acorn Finance is led by a team of senior executives with decades of banking and financial services experience.


Inventory Purchase Financing

For contractors

This means zero dealer fees and no paperwork associated with loans.

How To Get A 60k Personal Loan

For customers

This means receiving personalized pre-qualified offers with a higher likelihood of approval.

Long Term Business Financing

For lenders

It means getting customers who are looking to invest in their homes.

Our Team

Giri Addanki

Founder & CEO

Tammy Peterson

Director, Customer Success

Chuck Horton

Chief Technology Officer

Todd Walters

VP, Product

John Kastl

VP, Business Development

Geoff Bingham

Director, Marketing

Brett Slater

Commercial Real Estate

Our Investors